Long, Strong Carbon Nanotubes

Long Carbon Nanotubes For Composites

At 30 times stronger than kevlar, our long carbon nanotubes are dispersed, workable, and ready for mixing into epoxies and composities.

Short carbon nanotubes (<100 microns) pull out of expoxies and other materials. Long (1 mm to 2 cm), strong carbon nanotubes form a complete, intertwined mesh of support and can not pull out. Their strength is transferred to the matrix making it stiffer and stronger.

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High-Strength Carbon Nanotube Threads

At 100 gigapascals and greater, we are making continuous carbon nanotube threads that are safe, strong, light, flexible, and have many applications across products and industries.

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The Material Of The Future

Carbon nanotubes are one of the most innovative materials ever invented and stand ready to disrupt everything from tennis racquets to spacecraft, sailboat racing, aerospace, automotive, and far beyond.

Imagine a plane twice the size and half the weight of a 747, an untwistable golf club, an unbendable tennis racket, an inflatable space habitat system. Carbon nanotubes can enable each of these and more.

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